Dana was Born and Raised a Fighter in New Jersey, with a long list of Exemplary Role Models. 

As the great-granddaughter, granddaughter and daughter of farmers and small business owners,

Dana was built on Grit and Grace. 

Her great-grandfather came to America from Italy at age 17, ultimately settling in Paterson.

He later relocated to Warren County and purchased over a hundred acres of farmland.

He remained a steward of the land until his death.

The Farm remains in the DiRisio family to this day.

Dana's maternal grandparents were immigrants from The Netherlands, fleeing to America after WWII.

Her Pake was a member of The Dutch Resistance and her Beppe harbored Jews in her home,

at the risk of Nazi Persecution. 

Dana's grandfather and Hero ("Pop-Pop") was a successful, well-loved businessman

and a fixture in the community where she grew up.

Her father and uncle followed in his footsteps of small business-ownership as proprietors of

an archery, hunting and fishing business in Warren County.

Dana was the first in her family to graduate with a four-year degree. Dana holds a Bachelor of Arts 

from York College of Pennsylvania in Public Relations and Political Science 

Following her undergraduate education, Dana worked tirelessly for a decade

under the only New Jersey Member of Congress with Political Courage, Congressman Scott Garrett.

During her time working with Congressman Garrett, and as a result of his relentless encouragement, 

Dana decided she would also seek membership to The House of Representatives.

Alongside of Mr. Garrett, she learned first-hand how a Member of Congress should conduct oneself, fight for their principles, represent ones constituency, and above all else - Vote Ones Conscience. 

Dana has experience in all levels of government - federal, state, county and local.

Following her time with Congressman Garrett, Dana worked for a County Freeholder Board.

She also holds a Registered Municipal Clerk (RMC)

certification through the State of New Jersey. 

Most importantly, Dana is a single mother to an amazing little girl. 


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